What To wear In Indian Weddings As A Guest!

Ringing wedding bells in the wake of another invitation? We can feel the excitement We understand why! At the end of the day, Indian weddings are one of the most memorable and exciting celebrations to be part of! With a variety of lively wedding ceremonies and long hours of socializing dressed in the most elegant Indian wedding dresses weddings are one of the most extravagant and memorable events. 

If you are a wedding guest The excitement of being a guest at the wedding with ceremony and reception can instantly get you fired up. It doesn’t matter if it’s your best friend’s wedding, or an employee this question will make you a bit confused.

“What to wear for the wedding functions?”

Given the tradition of ostentation in the wardrobe as well as social appearance factors it is always advisable to plan your wardrobe for a wedding guest. Every get-together at an Indian wedding has its own distinct significance and differs in terms of ambiance and therefore, requires various attire. That means you’ll need to be more enthusiastic to select your wedding Party Outfits.

This article can help you decide on the perfect attire for any Indian wedding Function. Scroll down to find a thorough description of every ceremony! 

wedding Wear Outfit Ideas for Guest:

What’s the dress code for the event? Do you want to wear a classy western style gown or an Indian traditional style? The majority of us going through these thoughts must balance the status of our social life, part of the atmosphere, and personal preferences.

If you’re from India or from any other region of the world- we recommend styles that reflect Indian style. It’s more appropriate to attend your Indian wedding in ethnic Wear. The sarees, salwar suits or lehenga cholis tend to be the most commonly worn wedding attires. But, the design and the details can differ based on the culture of the area.

North, as well as West Indian weddings, are usually lavish and extravagant. Therefore, look for extravagant attire such as brocade lehengas that feature gold-colored buttis or metallic pink silk sarees. Large crystal-studded necklines, as well as chunky embellishments, will be a hit for occasions like these.

South, as well as East Indian weddings, are comparatively tranquil. However, when they come to attire women can be proud of wearing weaves of the past like Baluchari Saris, Tussar silk, Kanchipuram silk sarees Pattu sarees and various other silk-silk blends. Gold jewelry that is intricately designed and handcrafted is a key part of the festive attire. A saree dress isn’t required, however. You can pick a sophisticated-looking silk salwar suit or a plain georgette suit paired with a designer duppata.

Nikah Nuptials, the ceremony in the Islamic tradition, has similar attire with slight differences in colors and silhouettes. Sharara Suits, Anarkali Suits, Indo-western lehengas in gold, green and black colors are suitable for the event. Contrary to other communities, black suits are suitable for the Nikah ceremony.

Your overall dress code will not have anything to do with the culture unless you are determined to adhere to their customs. As guests, you could wear a sharara suit for the occasion of a South Indian wedding and a Kanchipuram silk saree for the North Indian one. The most important thing is that the dress should be modest and traditional. Avoid necklines with deep necklines or similar skin-revealing features.

Appropriate Colors For The Event

Wearing ethnic clothing is a flood of hues, as is the atmosphere that is a part of Indian weddings. The weddings are a time to take the freedom to play with various colors. If there’s no specific dress code, or color scheme You can choose one of your favorite colors including bright pinks, stunning greens and mystifying blues, or the entire range.

However, sarees with heavy red/maroon colors or monotone maroon or red lehenga cholis is usually intended for brides.

Palettes of pastels that are softer and neutrals are equally acceptable. It is possible to pick pastel peach silk saree of cotton to wear for a daytime ceremony or a lycra saree with sequinned taupe to host a celebration at dusk.

The Need For Accessories Is Indispensible

The traditional social custom is to arrive at an event that is adorned with extravagant decorations. Indians are known to flaunt precious stones and precious metals when they get married, and so attending an Indian wedding is like stepping into a treasure trove. When planning your outfit select your jewelry based on the degree of your connection to the couple that is tying the knot. The closer you are to them is, the more heavy the jewelry!

With a shift toward subtle dress and fashion variations that transcend the wedding tradition Nowadays you are able to play it safe with your accessories, particularly as the wedding guest. If you don’t own a substantial gold necklace or diamond set, there’s no need to worryabout!

The importance of choosing fashionable footwear for those who are fashionable. It’s a good idea to buy colourful chappals with embroidery and stones-studded shoes to wear for these events. It is best to stay clear of your most loved high heelsbecause the rituals associated with weddings in Indian wedding can last for hours!

Dress Code As Per The Functions:

Different events held in the vicinity of the wedding are diverse. It is advised to wear attire that is suitable for the event. From classic outfits to modern-day designer attire, your choice of outfit should depend on the occasion and acceptable dress code.

Ganesh Puja / Tilak Outfit

The rituals of weddings typically begin with an Ganesh Puja, Shanti Havan as well as a Tilak ceremony. The attire you wear for this semi-formal wedding should be simple and comfortable. The ceremony might include an open flame, therefore it is recommended to go with loose-fitting clothes and cotton fabrics. The spacious Palazzo suits or light-weight and minimally embellished salwar suits are the best choice for the event.

Haldi ceremony

A bit messy, but a lot of fun- the Haldi wedding is an that demands careful dress selection. The ceremony involves spreading turmeric paste on the faces of the bride as well as the groom. The result is that the dress you are wearing could be stained with yellow permanent stains that could render it unusable.

A budget printed saree or semi-formal palazzo dress or a skirt and crop top are good options in your Haldi ceremony. Dressing with a yellow hue is an excellent option for two reasons: they help to hide the messy look of turmeric staining, and it’s almost the official color to wear for weddings in the Haldi ceremony. For accessories, choose artificial floral jewelry or street-style tassels, because removing these inexpensive accessories later on won’t cause you to be disappointed!

Mehendi party

Hands decorated with henna patterns and the smell of eucalyptus oils in the air. Mehendi event is one of the most fun events at any Indian wedding. Even though nowadays the bride and spouse’s families get together to plan a Mehendi celebration with their friends, historically it was just an event for the bride’s relatives and friends.

The mood is lively and energetic with music from the wedding and dancing. The ambiance can be matched by wearing floral suits and lehenga cholis, or combine it with a green dress. Pastel and pink are popular colors for the Mehendi however, you are able to choose any color of your preference.

Sangeet Function

If you’re Invited for an Indian wedding and you’re planning to attend an Indian wedding Sangeet function, the Sangeet is one event that you should not skip! A concert with lively dance performances from family and guests The Sangeet ceremony is in sync with the wedding ceremony in its vibrant atmosphere.

The dress code is typically traditional, and is adorned with the use of glitter and bling. While a traditional lehenga, length-length Anarkali or a sequinned or embroidered saree can look great, you may choose to wear a modern dress. A jacket or suit or a palazzo saree are equally appropriate for the occasion.

Ring Ceremony

Exchange of rings by the couple just a few days before the wedding is a tradition that is derived from the western tradition. The ceremony for the ring is usually without any cultural significance and could be more the idea of a cocktail event. It’s more like an evening event where the bride is adorned dressed in a fairytale gown. It is possible to emulate the look with a chic evening dress with flattering fabrics like georgette, satin, or silk. You can also update your basic dress by adding a bold dress and diamond-studded earrings.

Wed-Lock ceremony/ Pheras

Seven circles, seven vows Indian wedding ceremony is an amazing one to be a part of. It is a sequence of religious ceremonies and the dress code is strictly traditional attire. The women dress with heavy silk sarees wedding lehenga cholis, sarees glittering ostentation, and a lot of jewels. Beautifully decorated sharara suits and Anarkali suits are also a good fit for the event. If you can is possible, avoid western silhouettes and choose Indian clothes with elegant details. If draping sarees isn’t your thing, you could choose the pre-made or pre-stitched saree. The slight ruffles around the edges will look stylish!

These ceremonies are performed on a greater scale in smaller cities in India but the rapid pace of urban life has resulted in some of these rituals being blended or even omitted altogether. You can however, dress for with an elegant salwar suit that is semi-formal. You can also try experimenting with your style by selecting an outfit that’s comfortable and easy to wear!

After you’ve sorted out your outfit for your wedding events, it’s time to relax and enjoy the festivities!